Every new segment or tag starts out pretty empty 😤, but not for long. Our Import Manager can help you quickly upload and organize an audience you want to work with.

The first thing you have to do to start using the app, is is importing contacts.

In this article, you'll learn how to import contacts using the "Copy & Paste" option.

Import Process

  1. Open the Contacts tab within the app and then click the green button "Add contacts".
  2. Select Copy & Paste.
  3. Then select a list of emails you want to import into LeadCooker.
  4. Copy the list of emails you need with "CTRL+C" on Win or "CMD+C" on Mac.
  5. Insert it into LeadCooker import window with "CTRL+V" or "CMD+V" (see how to in the video above).
  6. Click the "Import contacts" button.
  7. You will see notification when the import is over.

That's it! 🤗 You are ready to work with your contact list and send awesome messages right now.

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