Segments are key instrument for creating Auto-actions. You will necessarily need it to set the audience Auto-action will work with. Also it is great tool to divide your audience to smaller groups with more look-alike characteristics. 

Technically, segment is a set of filters that can be applied to the list of contacts within the system. Each segment may have any number of filters. Commonly used filters are: time zone, a person's age or location, etc. You can use your own labels (or tags) as filters, too.

👉Short tip for you: Tag 🏷  is very flexible way to organise your contacts before creating Segment. There are two manual ways to Tagging contacts - select contacts with the checkboxes in the contact list and Tag it by "Manage tag" button, or Tag all the list when you import contacts with .csv file.

There are lot of benefits of using segments: You can choose the right timing based on contacts time zone, adjust the wording or your call to action based on age or other data you have about your customers. Marketers know that proper targeting based correct segmentation may increase conversion rates dramatically.

To create a segment, just find the filters or tags you need in the list, apply the conditions or set the values you want and click "Save filter as segment".

You can always find saved segments on the "Contacts" tab.

If you need to check out the contents of a particular segment, just click on the segment's name and all the filters will be applied.

☝️ Important: Please keep in mind that segments in Leadcooker are dynamic, i.e. if you add or remove contacts or add/edit their attributes, it will affect the contents of previously created segments.

How to edit a segment?

Click on the segment you want to edit. This will apply the segment's filters to the contact list. Change the filters as needed and click "Save". Choose any of the previously saved segments and you're all done.

Why do I need tags and how do I create them?

Tags are custom labels you can apply to your contacts. You may use them in any way you want - for example, to create advanced filtering options beyond those predifined within the system.

To create a tag, just go to the Contacts tab, select any number of contacts and click "Manage tags" → "Create new tag".

To add or remove a tag, select contacts, then click on "Manage tags", and then on "+" or "-", respectively.

You can see which tags are applied to your contacts right in the list view. Just click the Settings ("gear") button to the left of the "Manage tags" button, and check "Tag" in the drop-down list.

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