Welcome to the Leadcooker app tutorial  👋

LeadCooker is the easiest to use email automation tool available. It allows you to boost your email prospecting with better KPIs rather than if you are sending your emails manually. 

Anyway, it's gonna need some of your patience 🙏. because despite all our efforts, it just can't look like an app with one magic button "Sell my stuff to all that people. 👉🕹" 

The following articles will help you discover how easy our tool is and in what ways it can help you make better sales faster. It will take up to 15 – 20 minutes of your time but save many hours of manual work in the future.

Here is the list of short things we recommend you to go through:

How do I upload contacts?

What is a segment?

How do I create an auto-action?

How do I schedule one action to run after another?

How do I make my emails personal at scale?

How do I schedule a call after an email is open?

What if I hit my limits?

How do I manage bounced contacts?

Auto-actions vs Manual Actions

Don't hesitate to contact our team with any questions if you'll meet any cliffs on your way of creating your best-automated prospecting process ever. We're here to help 🙌

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