Have you already tried our reply qualification tool? πŸ€“ If not - you're losing a lot.
Everyone who send bulk emails now that replies from the prospects are very different πŸ˜…. In common, there are thee types of it:

  • Opted-out
  • Hot lead
  • Autoresponder (which is not a real reply)Β 

And base on sort of reply we should rote the contact into the right direction of the automation. Almost sure that none of the salespeople will trust this reply qualification process to any AI's or other automation, so do we πŸ˜ƒ.

That's why in our app in the contacts tab you can find a very helpful sub-tab, Β called Qualification Pending.Β 

This tool is very familiar to all the mobile phone messengers users, so it's not necessary to tell a long story about to use it. Once you have a reply to an email sent from the LeadCooker app, go to this tab and try this tool 😊.

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