So what if you need to switch the contact from one cadence to another once you have a reply? First of all, be sure that you've checked our article about replies qualification tool. It might solve your case easily without any lifehacking at all 😉.

Our tool is actually made to have a meaningful reply from the contacts, and we guess that you will close the deal manually by one-on-one conversation, because of the risk that you lose your deal because of robotic behavior when the live conversation starts. But if you still want to process this contacts who made a reply thue the automation here's how you can do it:

Once you have a reply, you will see this contact in the replies qualification tab in the contacts tab. Go to this tab. Click on contact and check the response. So here you have 3 options:

  • hot lead (final state, no emails will be sent to this contact in this status)
  • autoresponder (cancel the reply, continue emailing this person)
  • opted out (final state, no emails will be sent to this contact in this status)

So if you want to continue messaging the contact, you should choose the autoresponder option. If at the same time you want to switch the contact from one campaign to another, you need to manage tag of this contact. 

At the left side of the conversation screen, you will see the Tags area, where you need to remove Tag, that matches this contact with cadence you want him to exclude, and connect to another cadence by adding new Tag. 

So that's it. We should warn you - use this lifehack with a careful😬.  You can decrease your conversion rate dramatically with it. ⚠

Feel free to contact our team via in-app live chat ✌

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