So if you get to this article, hopefully, you have already experienced all the features of Auto Actions and looking for more advanced campaign customization tool, that can help you manage audience while it is processing thru your email cadence. 

Honestly, this tool is very straightforward. All it does is looking for a dedicated event that you've chosen after specified auto-action and making changes in tags of contacts, that matches with this event. 

Let's say you want to switch off the email campaign for those contacts, who clicked the link in the email. For example, because this link drives them into an event signup form, and you need to manually check if the contact signed up before you'll send him the next reminder about the event you promoting. So, in this case, you'll need to remove the Tag, that set as an audience parameter for your cadence and assigns a new Tag to quickly find this contacts in the LeadCooker app. 

After you remove the Tag, this contact won't matching with the audience rules for your cadence, and it won't receive any messages from this cadence until you set this tag again.  If you add the tag, that match with another cadence that activated in your account, it will start processing with it immediately. 

So let's walk thru the steps that you need to make to make your Tag auto-action live.

1. Go to the auto-action tab, click create new Tag auto action. 

2. Click the checkbox "Do action after..." and choose the auto-action you want to process, time delay and event trigger. You can choose from this triggers:

  • clicked
  • opened
  • sent

3. Set the catchy name for your Tag auto action.
4. Choose the tag that you want to add to the contacts and tag, that you want to exclude from the contact (depends on your needs you might need only one action of this two).
5. Click Activate to run the action immediately or Save to run it later.

But what if you need to switch the contact from one cadence to another once you have a reply? 

Well, our tool is actually made to get a meaningful reply from the contacts, and we guess that you will close the deal manually by one-on-one conversation, because of the risk that you lose your deal because of robotic behavior when the live conversation starts. But if you still want to process this contacts thru the automation, you can use this lifehack 🐱‍👤: How do I continue to emailing contact once I have a reply?

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