As for now, our interface allows you to upload images, which already hosted somewhere on the internet. It means that if you are going to upload your picture that stores somewhere on your computer, you need to upload it to any free image hosting services. 

Upload your image to the image hosting sercice

You can choose any free image hostings, the only thing it needs to require is that the link contains a direct link for layouts. For example and NOT the URL like this You see that the first link includes a full extension of the image you are going to use. 

Here's the example service you can also use for your needs:
It's effortless to use; you can upload pictures and videos very quickly and resize them before the download or after. Once the upload has completed, it gives you multiple different links for different purposes.
You need to choose the 4th link in the list - Direct Link for Layouts. This link when
clicked will bring you to a blank page with nothing but your picture on it.

Many users recommend either because it allow dragging and dropping photos. After you upload, it shows several kinds of links, for forums, e-mail and more.
Choose what works best for you 😊

Put the link into the email

Once you upload your image go to the Auto action, you want to apply this image. Put the cursor at the place you want the image to appear in click the "Insert image" icon at the right corner of the auto-action text editor. Click the check button to apply the link.

Don't forget to use "Send test email" feature before you activate the auto-action. Just to be sure that all the spaces in the email look fine.  

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