If you do everything right, people do not need to unsubscribe from your emails because they look and sound as though you wrote them in person. You don't expect an 'Unsubscribe' link in a personal email, right? 

Of course, some people would ask you to stop bothering them. No problem – you just mark these guys as 'opted-out' within the app, and they won't get a single email from LeadCooker, ever. 

In fact, it is a good practice to encourage the prospects to opt out if they do not want to hear from you. What's the value in sending messages to people who don't want to get them? You'd better save your limits for those who are interested! 

By the way, we have plans to automate this: imagine you ask a prospect to use a special trigger-word if they want to opt out, the system recognizes it in the body of the reply and marks the prospect  'opted-out' automatically.

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