Yes. LeadCooker sends all the emails via the gmail account you used to register. 

It looks like this. You need to email your prospects. And you have to be personal. Let's imagine you have to send 100 emails. This means 5 - 6 hours of work if you do it manually. With LeadCooker it's one hand-crafted template and one click of a button.

With LeadCooker, each of your 100 emails will be sent directly from your mailbox and will go straight to your prospect's inbox - just like if you sent it yourself. You will even find all the messages we've sent for you in the 'Sent' folder of your Gmail app! It will never end up in spam or marked 'Promotions' or 'Updates' and your prospect won't ever know that you used some mass emailing tool to reach out. They will be 100% sure you did it in person.

☝️ IMPORTANT: LeadCooker is not a spam machine. It is a professional prospecting tool for sales teams.

If you will abuse your prospects' attention by sending too frequently or irrelevant content, they can report you as spam and you'll get banned. So, check your list and your content twice before sending!

Also, not paying attention to the bounce rates won't do you any good, either. If your bounce rate is too high, you'll get banned and marked spam by Google, sooner or later.

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