Congrats! If you read this article probably you've already created your first auto action. 

If not, we recommend you to check out this article first 👉 "How do I create an auto action?" Anyway, to complete all the steps listed below you'll need at least one  auto action created.

Once you've completed creating your first auto action, you can find it in the auto actions list. Let's go ahead and create one more auto action of the ‘email’ type, that will be sent 1 hour after the first email was open. To do that, click on the "Create auto action" button.

Then choose action type ‘email’. You will see the fields you've already seen when you created your first auto action. To connect the new action with the one you've created before, check the ‘Send email after...’ checkbox, then choose the auto action you want the new one to be sent after and choose the trigger event that will activate your new auto action.

☝️ Notice that if you choose a ‘parent’ auto action, the ‘child’ one will inherit it’s Tag settings. 

After you complete filling the forms of an auto action body in a way you should be already familiar with, you'll need to set up the delay. As we decided earlier, we need to send the second email 1 hour after the first one was open. To do this, adjust the ‘Time delay or day’ bar accordingly. 

You're all set! 👏👏 Click ‘save’ to save the auto action or ‘activate’ to activate it immediately. Once you activate it, all the contacts who meet the condition you've set up as a trigger event will be emailed with the time delay of 1 hour. 😇

Don't forget to contact our team with any questions via chat if you meet some cliffs on your way of creating your best-automated prospecting process ever. We're here to help 🙌

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