Creating personal emails via LeadCooker is pretty simple. All you need is some basic info about your contacts within the app so you can use it for personalization in your email templates. 

You can check the info you have about your contacts in the Contacts tab of the LeadCooker app. To adjust which fields are visible in the list view, click the settings gear.

If you need to add any info manually - click on the contact email in the list, then click the ‘edit’ button, fill in the data and click ‘save’.

So, if all the contacts are fine, let's create a personalized email template for them. To do that move to the Auto actions tab and click ‘Create auto action’ button. Then set up a template as you normally would (this article describes the process in detail 👉 How do I create an auto action? .  As you must have noticed already, there is a green ➕ button on the left-hand side when you put the cursor in the Subject or the body of the email. That's exactly the button we need to make our emails personal at scale.

All these merge fields like First name, Last name, Company, Location, e.t.c., will take personal data from each of your contacts so they will receive the email that will look 💯 hand-crafted personally for them and sent from a personal mailbox. Go ahead and check how much trust it makes with creating your own personalized email auto action right now 👊 🙌

To set everything up, just add some sweet and friendly wording, use the merge fields from the pop-up list when necessary and then save the template for the future or activate it right away and send first emails immediately.

☝️ Notice: If an attribute (Company, Location, etc.) is empty for a contact, by default it will be replaced by one space. To avoid it we recomment to set the fallbacks for such fields. To do it click on the field and set the text which will be used if contact doesn't contain data you want to use.

If you interesting how to create follow-up auto actions, check out this article 👉 How do I schedule one action to run after another?

Don't forget to contact our team with any questions via chat if you meet some cliffs on your way of creating your best-automated prospecting process ever. We're here to help 🙌

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