Auto action in LeadCooker is, basically, an automated action performed on a schedule or based on firing a certain trigger. There are three types of auto actions in the system:

  • emails
  • tagging contacts

To create an auto action, click to open the Auto Actions tab. If you haven't created any auto actions before, the interface will look like this:

Click on "Create auto action" to.. well.. create your first one :)
Then select the action type by clicking on "Choose action category..." combo box.

Please note that you will need at least one Tag created before you can make use of this tool. If you're not familiar with that, have a look at this article.

☝️ Important: if an auto action is active, it will be automatically applied to all the new Tagged contacts.

Let's create our first email auto action:

After you choose the auto action type 'email', the interface will switch to something very similar to an email app. The main difference is that you write an email that will work at scale, with merge fields and advanced automation.

Give your auto action a name and choose a tag you want it to be applied to.

Compose an email and click 'Save'. 

If you want to learn more about personalization options, please have a look at this article.

Congratulations! You've just cretated your first auto action! 👏👏 To activate it simply click on the activation button.

Don't hesitate to contact our team with any questions if you meet any cliffs on your way of creating your best-automated prospecting process ever. We're here to help 🙌

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