The best place to start from is to import your first contacts to the app. Because it's so dull and empty there without it 🤖

There are two ways to make thing done:

  • 1️⃣ Copy and paste your contacts
  • 2️⃣ Import from spreadsheet file (.CSV)

Copy and paste your contacts

The easiest way to upload your first contacts to the app is just to copy and paste it 😄
To do that, go to the Contacts space in the Leadcooker app, click on the green button "+Add contacts" and select "Copy and paste" button in the pop-up list below.
In the new window, you'll see space for pasting a list of your emails. You can just copy a range of emails from any text doc or spreadsheet (like google spreadsheets for example).

To complete the operation click on the save button. 

Import from spreadsheet file (.csv)

Don't panic!  🙌 It's easier than it appears 😄 

To upload contacts via import from spreadsheet file you need to prepare data in the right form that can be readable by Leadcooker app. To do that download the sample of the spreadsheet file in (.csv format) here or clone the Google spreadsheet file here or right from the app, after you click the button "Import from CSV"

Put the data you want to import into the fields of the spreadsheet and then save it in the .csv file in UTF-8 format. Choose "," as a divider. Find out how to prepare file in this format in this article:  Saving CSV/Excel file as UTF-8 Encoded. If you work with online spreadsheet editor (like Google spreadsheet for example) download the file to the computer in the .csv format.

You also can use your own format of the .csv file, but in that way, you will need to associate the titles of columns in your file to Leadcooker app fields. 

Go to the Contacts space in the Leadcooker app, click the "+Add contacts" button, then click "Import from CSV".

In the pop-upped window click on "Upload from computer" or just drop the file in the bordered space. Associate fields of your table to contacts attributes if you use custom .csv file and click Import Contacts.

Well done! You've just uploaded your first leads so you can work with it further. If you still have some questions after reading this article - don't hesitate to contact us via Live Chat at the left corner of the screen 👇

Don't forget to contact our team with any questions if you'll meet some cliffs on your way of creating your best-automated prospecting process ever. We're here to help 🙌

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